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MiataPower Dir
Nitrous Oxide
  • Suspension and stuff


Shocks: Tokico HP

Springs: FM

Sway bars: FM

Lower front sub frame brace: Racing Beat

Strut brace: FM

Rear sub frame brace: Cannon

Brake pads: Porterfield

Brake lines: Braided stainless steel

Tires: Toyo RA1

Rims: Stock alloys


  • Engine


BEGI System IV turbo

NOS Single fogger wet nitrous oxide system

Head and manifolds are ported and polished

Centerforce Dual Friction clutch (slipping)!

J&S Knock sensor with monitor

Link O2 sensor monitor


  • Miscellaneous


Sony CD changer


  • What is planned for the future?



1.8L engine bored and stroked to 2.0L :-)

Bigger turbo

Programmable engine management system (FM or Electromotive)

Engage the direct port nitrous system

MUCH stronger clutch!

Sequential gearbox (hey, I can dream can't I)

Suspension and stuff:

16" Wolk racing TE-37 with Toyo RA1 tires

Big bad brakes

Roll bar

Racing seats

5 point harness

Better speakers


Friday, February 02, 2007