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Friday, February 02, 2007

Name Ken Maguire
Year 91 red
Engine size 1.8L
Turbo/SC model flyin Miata FM2
Intercooler FM2
Cat none
Exhaust 3" custom lake pipe
Flywheel stock 1.8
Clutch ACT Extreme
Diff 95 Torsen
ECU Link
Static timing 10 deg
Timing retard device link
Injector Size 550
Dyno HP na
Dyno Torque na
Max boost 12 psi
Plugs & Wires ngk/magnecore
Gauges oil/water temp = boost
Tires & wheels 15 borbert / Bridgestone SO-3 225-50
Sway bars racing beat tubular front/ stock rear
Springs & shocks tein flex
Brakes 11" custom wilwood calipers
Other add-ons/mods ftont and rear shock tower braces, custom drive shaft, custom suspension braces, oil cooler, remote oil cooler, remote oil filter, 2" aluminum radiator, stainless brake lines, custom stainless and aluminum fueal rail system, AFPR, custom coolant reroute.
Comments Car is daily driver
Upcoming A 2.0 liter is in the works,
Location Louisville, KY
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Last updated 10/6/2006 9:55:17 PM



Name Nao Matsumoto
Year '93
Engine size 1.72L Over bore
Turbo/SC model Sebring that sounds like a coffee can full of rocks
Intercooler N/A
Cat Gone
Exhaust Racing Beat header and Greddy BL muffler
Flywheel Racing Beat Aluminum
Clutch 1800psi pressure plate and kevlar/ceramic faced disk
Diff Stock
ECU G-Force custom ROM
Static timing 9
Timing retard device ECU controlled
Injector Size Stock
Dyno HP 170 hp on a Bosch dyno
Dyno Torque Don't remember. Have to look at the dyno sheet again.
Max boost 10 psi
Plugs & Wires NGK plats: Ultra 8mm wires
Gauges Greddy boost and EGT, NS heads-up display tach, Halmeter A/F
Tires & wheels Linea Sport 17x7's: junk Toyo T1 205/40/17
Sway bars Racing Beat sways w/ endlinks
Springs & shocks Eibach ProKit, GAB 8 way adjust
Brakes Cross drilled F/R with Porterfield pads
Other add-ons/mods Racing Beat body kit w/ molded side skirts, Racing Beat Type 5 Style Bar, Mazda Speed bucket, Sabelt 5 point harness, Monster Motorsports headlight kit (changed the lenses to Cibie), Catz driving lights, Alpine head, Orion amp, Polk and MB Quart speakers, Ported/polished/balanced head, HKS 256 intake/264 exhaust cams w/ sprockets, Overbore/balanced/treated block and components, FD3S alternator and fuel pump, C's short stroke shifter, MOMO steering and knob (got rid of the airbag), fire extinguisher (just in case), and other stuff
Comments Try this cam setup if you have a blower. The dyno sheet looks great.
Upcoming 1.8L rear end
Location Southern CA
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Name Jim McBride
Year '99 Red
Engine size 1.8L
Turbo/SC model BEGI FMII, small BB,
Intercooler BEGI 'race' IC
Cat More-Flow, 3"
Exhaust Custom 3", Magna-Flow muffler
Flywheel OEM 1.8L
Clutch Organic FM ACT
Diff OEM, open
ECU LINK piggy-back ECU
Static timing OEM (10 degrees)
Timing retard device LINK piggy-back ECU
Injector Size OEM, plus 4 additional inj.
Dyno HP 220 rwhp (w/2 1/4" exhaust)
Dyno Torque 211 (w/2 1/4" exhaust)
Max boost 10 psi
Plugs & Wires Magnecor 8.5 mm
Gauges boost
Tires & wheels OEM alloys, Toyo Proxes T1-S 195/55-14
Sway bars FM
Springs & shocks OEM
Brakes OEM with Porterfield pads
Other add-ons/mods FM aluminum race radiator, Hard Dog Sport roll bar
Upcoming Torsen, FM springs
Location Tucson, Arizona
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Last updated 12/24/2000 12:00:48 AM



Name Alex McLean
Year 1997 Sparkle Green Berkeley SE
Engine size 1.8L
Turbo/SC model FMII
Intercooler BEGI Racer
Cat FM Free Flow
Exhaust FM Single Turbo
Flywheel Stock
Clutch FM ACT
Diff Stock
ECU Link
Static timing 0 Degrees
Timing retard device Link
Injector Size 550 RC Engineering
Dyno HP Never measured - MLL shows 210
Dyno Torque See above, MLL shows 200
Max boost 12psi
Plugs & Wires Magnecore RV85 + Extended Reach Plugs
Gauges FM boost gauge in eyeball vent
Tires & wheels OZ Polaris + 15" Yokohama A539
Sway bars FM
Springs & shocks FM Springs + KYB AGX 8-way adjustable
Brakes Stock
Other add-ons/mods Lots...
Comments Last limited edition of the Mark 1s. It was actually bought and first registered in 1998 although to the rest of the world it's a 1997.
Upcoming FM Race Radiator, Brainstorm Big Brakes, Hardtop, Lightweight wheels
Location Bristol, UK
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Last updated 10/26/2001 3:44:28 PM



Name Tim Meyers
Year Black
Engine size 1.6 Liters
Turbo/SC model Garrett T3/T4
Intercooler HKS
Cat Test Pipe
Exhaust 3" Thermal R&D prototype
Flywheel Racing Beat alum.
Clutch ACT
Diff Torsen
ECU Link
Static timing 10 Deg
Timing retard device Link
Injector Size RC Eng. 550cc
Dyno HP
Dyno Torque
Max boost 24 PSI
Plugs & Wires Magnecore 10MM
Gauges Greddy PHW Boost, EGT, Fuel Pressure
Tires & wheels AKT DTM 16x7 Yokohama A520 205/40/16, Stock BBS alloys BFG 215/50/14 drag radials
Sway bars Racing Beat Front & Rear
Springs & shocks Koni's, Grex springs
Brakes Bear 12.5 Big brakes cross drilled & slotted rotors
Other add-ons/mods DPR stage 6 head with over sized ext. valves,Extrude Hone intake manifold, RC Eng. big bore throttle body, HKS 254 Deg cams, Crane igntion box, HKS EVC IV, HKS turbo timer, K&N air fuel ratio meter,J.E. 8.5:1 Pistons with NOS mod ceramic coated, Crower Rods, Total Seal rings, ARP Head studs, Direct port NOS, -6 braided fuel line, custom fuel rail, RX7 intank pump, BEGI inline fuel pump, HKS head gasket
Upcoming Momo Seats
Location Austin Texas
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Last updated 8/1/99 2:54:15 AM



Name Gary Morrison
Year '91 Red
Engine size 1.6
Turbo/SC model NA
Intercooler None
Cat Stewart High Flow
Exhaust Borla and Stewart Header
Flywheel Stock
Clutch Stock
Diff Stock Viscous
ECU Link
Static timing 10
Timing retard device Link ECU
Injector Size Stock
Dyno HP 104 hp with HomeDyno
Dyno Torque 95 with HomeDyno
Max boost -
Plugs & Wires NGK/??
Gauges None
Tires & wheels TSW Hockenheim 15" with Toyo Proxes T1 Plus 205/50-15
Sway bars Eibach
Springs & shocks Eibach & Tokiko
Brakes stock with Bendix pads
Other add-ons/mods Front tower brace, Lower front brace, Rear brace, 4 wire O2 sensor, Voodoo Knob!
Comments ?
Upcoming Maybe DlrAlt Throttle Bodies (if they ever happen)
Location Wellington, NZ
e-mail address
URL link none



Name Frank Mowry
Year '90 Red
Engine size 1.6
Turbo/SC model FM2
Intercooler FM2
Cat cat? 2.5 test pipe (off road only)
Exhaust Custom 2.5" Flowmaster
Flywheel FM aluminum lightened
Clutch FM
Diff 94+ Torsen
Injector Size 370
Dyno HP  
Dyno Torque  
Max boost 14 psi
Plugs & Wires NGK/Magenecor 8.5s
Gauges HKS boost
Tires & wheels GAB 16X7 Toyo 215-40/16 T1 pluses
Sway bars Jackson
Springs & shocks Tokico, Tokico HPs
Brakes stock
Other add-ons/mods Nitrous Express wet kit with 50 shot
Upcoming built 1.8 swap, 75 hp nitrous jets, T28/T3 hybrid
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Name Patrick Murray
Year '95 Red w/white stripes
Engine size 1.8L
Turbo/SC model N/A
Intercooler N/A
Cat Jackson Racing free flow
Exhaust Racing Beat
Flywheel Stock
Clutch Stock
Static timing 14 degrees
Timing retard device
Injector Size Stock 1.8
Dyno HP
Dyno Torque
Max boost
Plugs & Wires
Tires & wheels Superior alloys with Goodyear 205/50-15
Sway bars Jackson Racing
Springs & shocks Tokico Illumina
Brakes Stock
Other add-ons/mods Jackson Racing cold air, Shock tower brace.
Comments It's a work in progress. Can't wait to go forced induction.
Upcoming FM springs, Turbo/Supercharger (depending on finances), ECU
Location Dallas, Texas
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Last updated 10/18/2002 10:45:37 AM



Name Chris Myring
Year '90 silver (eunos roadster)
Engine size 1.6i
Turbo/SC model non
Intercooler non
Cat removed
Exhaust full stainless 2.5''
Flywheel stock 1.6i
Clutch stock
Diff stock LSD
ECU stock
Static timing 10 degrees BTDC
Timing retard device
Injector Size stock 1.6i
Dyno HP ?
Dyno Torque ?
Max boost n/a
Plugs & Wires
Gauges stock
Tires & wheels minilite replica alloys with 195/60r14
Sway bars ?
Springs & shocks adjustable lowered and uprated unknown make
Brakes stock with uprated pads
Other add-ons/mods twin rollbars,harnesses,10 cd multichanger,infinity speakers,300w amp,alloy fuel cap,strut brace, K & N filtercharcher,chrome mirrors, leather steering wheel, chrome foot pedals, polished alloy vent surrounds,wood gearknob & hanbrake.
Comments I have owned the car for seven months, and have aquired most of the parts from other Roadsters at work- hence the vague details on manufactures.
Upcoming Anything I can afford (not much at the moment!), but......
Location Rhyl,N.Wales,U.K.
E-mail address www.chris@llysdewi.fsnet
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Last updated 11/16/99 2:11:06 PM